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Fully monetize your digital presence! Add the full power of paid internet advertising to your publishing business. The 4GYellowPages triples your inventory and can double your current sales with existing customers. The 4GYellowPages brings National Advertising Profit Sharing.

The 4GYellowPages provides local city magazines a path to highly monetize their digital presence. Many locally published magazines have their digital presence through a web based magazine reader which does not fully monetize their web presence because it simply re-advertises the same advertisers. In other cases, there is a low traffic, low revenue web solution which only generates traffic by the website name in the local magazine.

The 4GYellowPages brings national advertising and a flood of new digital readers. Your company brings new local advertising. The localized version of the 4GYellowPages can double your local advertising income by adding hundreds new local advertisements. Many of these advertisers will be customers that were not previously a good fit to your magazine’s content. Our Nationally branded digital magazine is localized by adding the electronic version of your local magazine to our front page and locally customized content.

75 million millennials across the US, with close to 2.5 trillion of spending power are gravitating toward social media on mobile devices to get information and buying decisions. Maximize your magazine revenue by bringing new digital advertisers to your existing city magazine and subsequently reach out to a newer, digital oriented generation.

The CEO of Blockbuster, which had over 9000 stores at its peak, dismissed Netflix’s On-Line Video business as “NOT ON THE RADAR SCREEN”.

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